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About RedSnake Enterprises, LLC

RedSnake Enterprises, LLC is a Dallas, Texas-based firm specializing in hunting and fishing products and technologies such as the solunar table iPhone app, iSolunar Hunting & Fishing Times.

Deer Hunting Monster Bucks in West Texas — Watch monster bucks during the rut in West Texas with RedSnake Enterprises, the creators of the top rated iPhone apps for outdoorsmen — iSolunar and Deer Calls & Tactics Pro. These apps provide hunters with the best deer hunting times, tips, tactics, calls and more. Download iSolunar and Deer Calls & Tactics Pro from the iTunes App Store today!

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Deer Calls & Tactics Pro – Updated for 2012-2013 Season

We are pleased to announce the release of a new and improved version of Deer Calls & Tactics for 2012-2013.  This new version boasts a new and improved layout, as well as added features including a Rut Forecast and Lunar Calendar thru the 2016 Season!


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State Deer Hunting Guides

Check out our latest state deer hunting guides  — for Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois.


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New App Release – Hunting Light & Blood Tracker

New for 2011 – Hunting Light & Blood Tracker for iPhone & Droid!

Hunting Light & Blood Tracker is the latest hunting app released by RedSnake Enterprises.  This app is a handy flashlight utility that provides outdoorsmen with lights of various colors for different uses in the field.  It also includes a blood tracking light to help in the identification of a blood trail left by wounded game.

Hunting Light & Blood Tracker

Download for iPhone

Download for Droid

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Deer Calls & Tactics Now Avail for Droid

RedSnake Enterprises is pleased to announce that they have unleashed Deer Calls & Tactics for the Droid.

Visit the Android Market to Download Deer Calls & Tactics  

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Deer Tactics Ranked in Top 100 Sports Apps

We are pleased to announce that Deer Tactics & Calls is ranked in the Top 100 Sports Apps in the iTunes App Store after its first week.

Download Deer Tactics & Calls today!

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Our Other Hunting Apps

iSolunar Hunting & Fishing Times

iSolunar Hunting & Fishing Times is the premier solunar tables iPhone app, providing the best hunting times and best fishing times for any date, any location – worldwide. Using the iPhone’s built-in GPS feature, iSolunar™ pinpoints your longitude and determines the peak feeding and activity times for all types of fish and wildlife based on the moon position and moon phase.

There’s no easier way to get the location-specific solunar data that’s going to help you catch fish and game like never before.  This app is the perfect planning tool for outdoorsmen. When arranging your next trip, just check ahead to find out the best hunting or fishing times for the date and location you’re considering.

Solunar Tables


✓ Location: Auto GPS or Manual Entry
✓ Save favorite locations for future reference
✓ Major & Minor Feeding / Activity Periods
✓ Day Rating
✓ Moon Phase Data
✓ Moonrise / Moonset Times
✓ Sunrise / Sunset Times
✓ Day / Week / Month Views
✓ Current Weather and 4-Day Forecast
✓ Calendar for checking solunar data in advance
✓ Send results via email
✓ Trophy Room – share via Facebook or email


Visit for more information or

download today from the iTunes App Store

Download iSolunar on iTunes


Best Solunar Table App… ★★★★★
“Great App! This is the best solunar table app – by far. I have tried the others, and this one has the most solunar data. Love the map feature. Way to go!” – by Runnin’ Buddy

You gotta get his app!! ★★★★★
“I used it bass fishing a couple of weeks ago and the solunar tables were dead on. Definately gives you the best fishing times. – by Redbirdeluxe


Deer Tactics & Calls

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Press Releases from RedSnake Enterprises, LLC

RedSnake Enterprises, LLC is a Dallas,Texas based firm specialzing in outdoor products and technologies for hunting and fishing such as the top rated solunar table iPhone app – iSolunar™ Hunting & Fishing Times – and Deer Tactics & Calls.

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Customer Reviews of Deer Tactics & Calls

See what users are saying about RedSnake Enterprises’ latest deer calls hunting app – Deer Tactics & Calls.

love to hunt! – ★★★★★ by gorgen #8 – Version 1.0 – 29 September 2010

“I love this app i can’t wait to use this is great!”

Awesome – ★★★★★ by dmbnanifan – Version 1.0 – 28 September 2010

“Great app! Worth the price! Keep up the good work… Thanks”

Great app – ★★★★★ by Deer huntet – Version 1.0 – 25 September 2010

“This is one of the best apps I have on the I-phone. It is a great tutorial and a great resource for a successful hunt”

View in the iTunes App Store

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Deer Tactics & Calls – Breaks into Top 100 Sports Apps

We are pleased to report that within the first week of its release, Deer Tactics & Calls broke into the Top 100 Sports Apps in the iTunes App Store. Download Deer Tactics & Calls hunting iPhone app today to have the most comprehensive collection of deer calls and deer sounds and be ready a successful deer hunting experience this season.

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